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My name is Christian. I live in Orlando. I like open-minded people. And Reese's Stix are yummy.

Here are some photos on my Flickr account.

This post, is a song entitled Damn it Feels Good to be a Ninja and may answer questions about who I am, and why I chose my screen name. ;)

I love traveling and I fell in love with Spain when I visited, and I want to live there one day. Especially the way things are here. I also want to visit Buenos Aires. It is so beautiful.

I have recently fallen in love with China. After seeing how beautiful Shanghai is, I have a burning urge to visit. The culture and tradition is so wonderful, and the people I have met from Shanghai make it seem all the more beautiful. Last summer I went to Hong Kong. I LOVED it! I can seriously see myself living there. The people were wonderful and it was such a good atmosphere.

I like posting for the purposes of entertaining people who read my journal. I really like feedback, and tend to keep my friends list based on those who comment. If you don't comment, then I figure you are not reading my journal. I never lock my posts so you can see it all, baby! Regardless of if you're on my friends list. Here are some more thoughts about adding people.

That's me on the turntizzies.

This hat is simply smashing.

I love how Live Journal lets you get to know people from the inside out. You learn little things about people and slowly get the whole picture. I love to see photos of people acting like a dork. I love dorks. They make me feel at home.

Geek or not, go ahead and add me and let the circle grow... :)
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